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We are delighted that our Patrons are

Korky Paul

The Northern Children’s Book Festival naturally encourages the delights of reading.  What makes it unique for me, is it strives hard to reach those kids who don’t have a culture of books. Best of all though, is the friendliness, humour and fish ‘n chips with gravy!”

Vivian French

“I’m very honoured to be a patron of the Northern Children’s Book Festival. This particular festival is very dear to my heart – it reaches out to so many children. teachers and families, and offers a hugely important message. Stories and pictures open up whole new worlds that can change lives … and the Northern Children’s Book Festival provides a fantastic opportunity for children to discover this for themselves”.

Philip Ardagh

The 2 Steves

“The NCBF is our favourite literary festival in the whole wide world – it is very precious to us!  

As writers, we are constantly inspired by the warmth, friendliness and freshness of our audiences in the North East.

The NCBF takes authors to places where books are needed most and hardest to get hold of. That’s why we love it. With the NCBF we feel we can change lives, not just tell people what they already know. Long may it continue!”